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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Casting the Net Podcast - 31st August 2005

Audio recording of the first Casting the Net Podcast on the 31st of August 2005 by Sean FitzGerald & Stephan Ridgway.

At last! Our very first project podcast! Steph and I have been very busy and it's taken us a while to get to it. I was a bit nervous, it was a bit rushed and we had a bit of a problem with the level on Steph's mic, but it was a great learning experience.

Now that we've "broken the ice" it should be a lot easier next time and we hope to do these more frequently as a way of keeping people up-to-date with what's happening in the project.

Podcast Logo Download the MP3 file (4.3 MB, 19 mins).


In this "show" we briefly introduce the project and talk a bit about what we've done so far, what we'll be doing for the project in future and our plans for the podcast.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Casting the Net LearnScope Project EdNA group

Casting the Net Blog


Learning Times Australia

Podcasting in Education Elluminate session information

NCQ Talk - The Intersection of Technology and Learning


ICVET (International Centre for VET Teaching and Learning)

Inaugural ICVET Conference on Teaching and Learning Practice


  • At 6:34 pm, Blogger SusNyrop said…

    Helo Sean & Steph,
    congrats with your first born podcast! I can hear your voices come out fine & clear, and I enjoy listening to your natural Aussie accent. Yes, I'm from abroad, Denmark to be more exact. So, you now have an international audience in spe

    I was listening to the first three minutes and will come back when I find a break for podcast listening (hey, this is what mp3 players are good for :-)

  • At 10:21 pm, Blogger Michael said…

    Loved the podcast and listened right through to the end.Used my computer to listen. I reckon you got the structured/adlib balance pretty right.


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