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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Casting the Net Podcast - 21st September 2005

The Casting the Net Podcast for the 21st of September 2005 by Sean FitzGerald & Stephan Ridgway.

Our second project podcast! We have been very busy with conferences last week and it's been hard for us to find the time to sit down together and do the podcast. Sorted out the levels problem we had on our inaugural podcast. Have experimented with leaving it in stereo, would be interested in your thoughts on this in the podcasting forum.

Podcast Logo Download the MP3 file (5.7 MB, 25 mins).


In this show we cover project news & updates, recent events we've participated in and podcast, what's happening with our chosen mp3 player and finally look at some technology developments in the podcasting world with the new ROKR iTunes phone and the Apple iPod nano.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Casting the Net LearnScope Project EdNA group

Casting the Net Blog


Learning Times Australia

Podcasting in Education Elluminate session information

Knowledge Sharing with Distributed Networking Tools

Michael Coghlan's Blog

ICVET (International Centre for VET Teaching and Learning)

Inaugural ICVET Conference on Teaching and Learning Practice

Room 208


Ed Tech Talk -Educational technology that talks

Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes phone

Apple iPod nano

iRiver 700 series

iRiver T30

iRiver T20


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