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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Casting the Net Podcast - 19th of October 2005

The Casting the Net Podcast for the 19th of October 2005 by Sean FitzGerald & Stephan Ridgway.


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Our third podcast! What with mid semester break it's been hard for us to find the time to sit down together and do the podcast. Have experimented with using 2 headsets in this podcast by using a Y connector for both the mics and speakers on the headsets. This was done to see if we could reduce the ambient noise we were experiencing using lapel mics. We would be interested in your thoughts on this in the podcasting forum.

Podcast LogoDownload the MP3 file (14.3 MB, 31 mins).


In this show we cover project news & updates, recent events we've participated in and podcast, and finally look at some technology developments in the podcasting world with the Yahoo! podcast search engine and the new iPod video. We also discuss some options for providing subscriber voice mail using Skype or mBox.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Links to Learning

TALO Swap/Meet

Teach And Learn Online (TALO) eGroup

Yahoo! Podcasts



Video iPod

Creative Zen Vision





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