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Sunday, October 30, 2005

TAFE NSW, Quality Awards Showcase - Vox Pops by Stephan Ridgway

TAFE NSW, Qulaity Awards Showcase 2005 - Australian Technology Park, Redfern, Sydney, NSW "

Vox Pops by Stephan Ridgway"

26 October 2005

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Vox Pops recorded by Stephan Ridgway @ the 2005 Quality Awards Showcase, ATP, Sydney.

Projects interviewed

NAVAL: Learning through Assessment Validation
South Western Sydney Institute
Team Leader: Joanne Fuller
Phone: 9780 5764
Time: 0:0:22

Network of Assessment Validation Assessor Leaders blog

Workplace learning and skills recognition for non-teaching staff
Sydney Institute
Team Leader: Rosalind Carter
Phone: 9598 6225
Time: 0:6:28

LA Warehouse
Western Sydney Institute (OTEN)Team Leader: Phillip Lantry
Phone: 9715 8734
Time: 0:12:44

Improving student language and literacy support in the wider student community
Sydney Institute
Team Leader: Kerry Gatliff
Phone: 9217 3328
Time: 0:18:13

Building Responsible Online Environments (BROE)
Hunter Institute
Team Leader: Graham Loveday
Phone: 4923 7676
Time: 0:23:50

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